NBA Live

NBA Live 10.1.35

EA's classic basketball game comes to iPhone


  • Slick presentation
  • Comfortable control system
  • Three game modes
  • Features real team and player data


  • No multiplayer
  • No player edit mode


NBA Live is an excellent iPhone conversion of EA's long-running basketball game. You can act out your hoop dreams by taking control of a real team and leading them to NBA glory.

There are three different game modes in NBA Live, allowing you to play an exhibition match, a full season, or take part in the playoffs. The great thing about all the NBA Live games from EA is the fact that it is officially licensed, meaning you get to control all the real players in all the real teams in all the real rosters.

The presentation of NBA Live is very impressive. It boasts a clear user interface, accompanied by some awesome hip hop tracks. There's a training mode to get you acquainted with the controls and the Options menu allows you to edit rosters. The in-game 3D graphics, commentary and sound effects are a shining example for other iPhone basketball games.

NBA Live's control system is a real dream. You move your players around using the on-screen joypad. Unlike many similar games, the joypad isn't fixed to one place and it will appear wherever you hold down your finger on the screen, making it much less cumbersome than other console game ports. Passing and shooting in NBA Live are all done using two buttons. Special moves can be executed depending on the way these buttons are pressed.

There's very little to fault in NBA Live. Perhaps the main omission from the game is a multiplayer mode, and it would've also been nice to be able to create your own players and edit teams.

NBA Live is really a must-have iPhone game for any basketball fan.

Adjustments and improvements include bug fixes and increased stability


  • Adjustments and improvements include bug fixes and increased stability
NBA Live


NBA Live 10.1.35

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